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Cyprus Legal System

INTRODUCTION The favourable location of Cyprus at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa together with the fact that Cyprus was a full member of the E.U. as from May 1st , 2004, its safe and protective legal system, the excellent infrastructure the high standard of legal, banking and accounting services provided, the continuing development of the island, the extensive use of English language, the excellent climate and the hospitality and friendliness of the locals, are some of the reasons that established Cyprus as an ideal centre for both business and pleasure and thus at... 阅读全文

Property Purchase Procedure and Requirements

Cypriots & E.U. citizens living in CyprusUnder Cyprus Law, Cypriots or persons of Cypriot origin as well as E.U. citizens who have their permanent residence in Cyprus are allowed to acquire any property without any restrictions.The residential status is ascertained by the District Offices and is obtained when a person resides in Cyprus for a total period of 185 days per year or more.Foreigners & other Non-E.U. citizensForeigners and E.U. citizens who are not permanent residents of Cyprus, wishing to purchase immovable property in Cyprus are obliged to adhere to special formalities and ... 阅读全文

Mortgages in Cyprus

Mortgages are widely available in Cyprus. However, you may require some help from our experts with the process of applying for your mortgage. We will gladly give independent advice and assistance with your mortgage application from a Cypriot bank or a Co-operative Bank (COOP). Main Characteristics of Mortgages in CyprusMortgages in Cyprus are authorized by most commercial banks, they are able to offer mortgage facilities to locals as well as foreign nationals. Loans are based on the purchaser providing a minimum deposit of 30%.Repayment mortgages can be acquired in any foreign currency, eg. U... 阅读全文